Kayak Product Review

Kayak Product Review

I Do Not Own The Rights To This Image!  Image Was Found On Google Images
Lidl's Kayak
I Do Not Own The Rights To This Image!  Image Was Found On Google Images

So today I've decided to do a product review on a Blow Up Kayak I bought from Lidl's for £40.00! 

Believe it or not, this kayak I purchased was only £40.00....but is it any good your wondering!? Below I'm going to list the Pros & Con's Of The Kayak!


  • Price- Was Cheap
  • Light Weight
  • Easy Enough To Assemble Once You Know How
  • Comes With A Descent Paddle


  • Only Supports 150KG
  • Slightly Unstable 
  • Awkward To Sit In
  • The Wind Takes Control Of It
  • Definitely, Don't Recommend 2 People Sit In It

So Would I Buy It Again?!

No....I'd probably wait and buy a better more ridged Kayak

Was It Worth It?!

Yes.... I've used it once & I loved it! But when I used it, it wasn't easy to sit in, use or put away!

For a one-off or a few uses, it's definitely worth buying!


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